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  • Annual Report -2022

    Issue date

    In a highly uncertain and challenging operating environment, the pandemic impacted all aspects of the business, including Learning and Development, International Trade and Events.

  • Employer Bulletin | 5 December 2022

    Issue date

    The Government has recently announced a multi-million dollar package to tackle retail crime and reoffending. This includes the provision of a $4000 fog cannon installation subsidy fund for all small shops and dairies in NZ. 

    Also in today's Bulletin:

  • Need to Know: Fair Pay Agreement Bill

    Issue date
    We break down everything you need to know about the new legislation. What are FPAs? Will they affect your sector? What happens if you don’t want to be part of an FPA? How much will it cost? And can you appeal? This is what you Need to Know.

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  • Need to Know: Full Expensing

    Issue date
    How Does It Work?

    'Full Expensing' lets businesses immediately write off their longer-term capital investments as a business expense, rather than slowly depreciating them over time.

  • Need to Know: The Emissions Reduction Plan

    Issue date
    The Rundown

    The government’s draft plan to meet our emission reductions plan by 2035 is out, and it will have a major impact on how we do business.

    Expect changes to how electricity is produced, and how we get around, as the government seeks to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Need to Know: Where have all the staff gone?

    Issue date
    Real economic impact

    The labour shortage poses a major risk to the economy, particularly in its ability to adapt and respond to broader forces. Wages are rising at 8.8 per cent a year, ahead of record inflation at 7.9 per cent. 

  • Business Confidence Hits Record Lows | Business Confidence Survey

    Issue date
    Central New Zealand Business Confidence Survey: October 2022 Report

    Download to find out about the latest Business Confidence figures.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation Plan

    Issue date

    Business Central strongly endorses the intent of the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation Plan (the ITP).

  • Emissions Reduction Plan

    Issue date

    To achieve the Government’s aim of a high-wage low emission economy, we must balance carbon reduction with economic growth through the most efficient reductions possible.

  • Modern Slavery & Worker Exploitation

    Issue date

    Business Central welcomes attempts by the government to reduce modern slavery throughout global supply chains. This is an important issue, and participation is a moral imperative for New Zealand.

  • Fair Pay Agreements Bill

    Issue date

    Our members want to pay their employees reasonable wages that reflect the productivity of the organisation.

  • New Zealand Income Insurance Scheme

    Issue date

    As part of the wider BusinessNZ network, we have engaged with the goal of creating an income insurance scheme that works equitably for employers and employees – one that helps us match skills a in 21st century economy and limits the economic damage of future employment shocks.

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