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  • Emissions Reduction Plan

    Issue date

    To achieve the Government’s aim of a high-wage low emission economy, we must balance carbon reduction with economic growth through the most efficient reductions possible.

  • Modern Slavery & Worker Exploitation

    Issue date

    Business Central welcomes attempts by the government to reduce modern slavery throughout global supply chains. This is an important issue, and participation is a moral imperative for New Zealand.

  • Fair Pay Agreements Bill

    Issue date

    Our members want to pay their employees reasonable wages that reflect the productivity of the organisation.

  • New Zealand Income Insurance Scheme

    Issue date

    As part of the wider BusinessNZ network, we have engaged with the goal of creating an income insurance scheme that works equitably for employers and employees – one that helps us match skills a in 21st century economy and limits the economic damage of future employment shocks.

  • Minimum Wage Piling Pressure Onto Strained Businesses

    Issue date

    "Omicron is spreading throughout the country, and Red level settings are pushing businesses to their limits. The sectors most desperate for government support have just been hit with another bill." 

  • Disruption to Wellington businesses must cease

    Issue date

    "This is having a serious impact for businesses around the Parliament and across Wellington - additional pressure especially for our many hospitality and retail businesses, who are already making tough decisions facing a downturn at the red traffic light level, with this adding to further lost re

  • Labour Shortage Straining Business, Delta drives down confidence: Survey Finds

    Issue date

    Nearly half of all businesses surveyed listed a shortage of skilled labour as the main barrier to their business - with 75% saying it is harder to find staff than this time last year, and a similar number experiencing increased salary expectations. 

  • Regional Chambers Call for Independent Inquiry into Transmission Gully Fiasco

    Issue date

    "This fiasco has gone on too long, it’s time for answers, and time for someone to take responsibility and leadership," says Hamish Mexted, Chair of the Porirua Chamber of Commerce.

  • Waste Management Policy Proposal

    Issue date

    At a time when business is recovering from ongoing pandemic shocks, facing a range of global economic challenges, and preparing for numerous significant reforms, we urge the government to exercise caution before placing unnecessary costs onto business.

  • Need to Know: Three Waters Reforms

    Issue date

    The Government argues the scale and separate balance sheet will save money, enable borrowing to fund investment, take the financial pressure off councils, build capability and capacity, and make New Zealand’s water usage more sustainable. 

  • Covid19 Update

    Issue date
  • Recycling our Citys Assets and Project Partnering is the right thing to do for future generations

    Issue date

    The proposals include recycling of the Council’s asset portfolio and the use of alternative funding tools, such as partnering with businesses to strengthen and rebuild Civic Square, to fund what Wellington needs as part of the Wellington City Council’s Ten Year Long Term Plan.

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