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Employer Bulletin | 29 April

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The coalition Government is delivering on its commitment to improve resource management laws and give greater certainty to consent applicants, with a Bill to amend the Resource Management Act (RMA) expected to be introduced to Parliament next month.

RMA Reform Minister Chris Bishop has outlined the first RMA Amendment Bill which will make urgent changes to the resource management system.

"RM Bill 1 focuses on targeted changes that can take effect quickly and give certainty to councils and consent applicants, while new legislation to replace the RMA is developed,” Mr Bishop says.

“This Bill will reduce the regulatory burden on resource consent applicants and support development in key sectors, including farming, mining and other primary industries. These sectors are critical to rebuilding the New Zealand economy.”

“The Bill will also speed up and simplify the process to make or amend National Direction which is currently unnecessarily onerous, costly, and takes too long.”

In today’s Bulletin

  • Employee’s role changed without consultation
  • Employee unjustifiably dismissed but did not have evidence for some pay claims
  • Dismissed co-founder wins at the Employment Relations Authority
  • Non-consultation during restructuring leads to unjustified dismissal
  • Employee did not raise grievance in time
  • Six news updates of for employers including Supporting better financial outcomes for Kiwis, Government to introduce revised Three Strikes law, Urgent changes to system through first RMA Amendment Bill, Student visas, Independent review and interim coverage rates highlight successful census.
  • Eight Bills open for submission. 

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