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Zero Carbon Bill Discussion Document

Business Central Letter of Support

Business Central writes to express our support for BusinessNZ’s, and ExportNZ’s submissions on the Ministry for the Environment’s ‘Our Climate, Your Say!’: Zero Carbon Bill Discussion Document (The Document). Business Central welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission on the document.

Issue date

The Path to Transition

Business Central wholly agrees that climate change is an important global issue that we need to address, while we still can. We also agree with the Minister that the lack of clarity over New Zealand’s position on climate change is holding back investment and creates an air of uncertainty.

However, Business Central questions whether the current intent of the Zero Carbon Bill will actually create a clear pathway to achieve the country’s carbon zero goals, given the framing of the discussion document. Like BusinessNZ and ExportNZ, our organisation is concerned that there is not a clear path of transition articulated to effect the change needed from our current economy to a carbon zero economy...

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