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Wastewater network failure in Wellington - reduce water usage and stay out of the harbour

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce has been advised by Wellington Water of the following announcement: 

A collapsed wastewater tunnel in the Wellington CBD means that the central city’s wastewater is discharging into the harbour. 

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The site of the collapsed tunnel - beneath Willis and Dixon Streets - has now been made safe, with Wellington Water investigating the blockage. 

People are urged to remain out of the harbour between the Port and Point Jerningham, as well as avoiding any waterfront splash zones. 

Inner city businesses and residents are encouraged to reduce their water use, as this places greater pressure on the network. Less water use will also reduce the size of the overflow into the harbour. 

Chamber Chief Executive, John Milford, urges Wellingtonians to follow the advice of the authorities. 

"I have spoken directly with Wellington Water and am assured that they are throwing all possible resources at resolving this. 

"What people can do to help is conserve water, as this will reduce the impact of the situation. 

"Wellington Water are providing updates on their website. I encourage Wellingtonians to follow this closely in the coming hours." 

It is currently unknown how long the overflow will last for. 

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