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Trans-Tasman Bubble Announcement A Clear Signal - Government Must Follow Through

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Central support yesterday’s announcement of a travel bubble with Australia by early 2021. 

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"The Government must follow through and provide more information about the lead-times and detail about what needs to happen for the bubble to open," says John Milford, Chief Executive of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce. 

"While New Zealand will welcome Australian tourists back into New Zealand with open arms, Wellington, in particular, relies on visitors from across the ditch. 

"Australia is our door to the rest of the world and about 70 per cent of our direct international arrivals - over 150,000 - are Australians. 

"Getting these visitors back enjoying the end of a Wellington Summer would be a significant boost to our local economy. While the numbers may be slow to recover it would be the first step in rebuilding our local tourism industry. 

"The city will need to look at its events calendar for early 2021 and make sure there are events and attractions to entice tourists back to Wellington. We know how critical events like WOW and the Sevens have been for attracting Australians and Kiwis to the Capital. 

"Quarantine-free travel between New Zealand and Australia would also free up much needed space in our MIQ facilities. We hope this space could be used for critical workers and investors who are needed in New Zealand. 

"But it is important that we also prepare for the possibility of a virus resurgence in either country and the response that would take to bring back holiday-makers and isolate them." 

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