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Labour policies and business

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Policies advocated by Labour for the 2020 General Election form the basis of the new Government’s intentions towards economic management, infrastructure plans, and workplace relations.

Key Messages:

The new Government has an opportunity to work constructively and collaboratively with business to execute a recovery plan which underpins economic growth in a challenging environment.

The Government has the opportunity, mandate and money to create and start to execute a programme of transformative world class infrastructure that can serve NZ for at least the next 50 years. This will make communities more accessible, sustainable, and resilient, underpin jobs and training in areas we have deficits (such as STEM areas), unlock private sector investment and help improve our productivity.

It will be important for the Government to engage with business over the border. The priority issue is getting critical workers across the border to start the pipeline of private sector projects that are ready, and which will help keep New Zealanders working.

Care will need to be taken around implementing policies and regulations that impose costs on businesses as the recovery gets underway.

The BusinessNZ Network has worked constructively with the Government over the past three years, including on many working groups such as tax, small business and trade, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Government as a trusted, rational and reasonable partner.

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