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Businesses grateful for Level 2 decision

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Central says the Government's staged roll-out of level 2 will come as a relief to the majority of businesses. 

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"It has certainly not been easy and the lockdown has been stressful for business owners and employees alike. But, we all played our part well and are in a position few other countries have the opportunity to be in," says John Milford, Wellington Chamber of Commerce and Business Central Chief Executive. 

"The focus now needs to shift to restoring people’s livelihoods and rebuilding our economy. This Thursday’s budget will play an extremely important part in setting the tone for the next several years. 

"Businesses want to see a pathway forward more than anything. The Government has to be clear about what it wants to achieve, how they will get there, and what support there will be over the coming year for businesses still recovering. 

The Chamber and Business Central are also mindful of challenges some businesses had moving between levels previously. 

"Business must continue to play their part and abide by the rules. In the move to level three, we had a small number of businesses open when they weren’t ready and weren’t operating safely. 

"That can’t happen as we move to level two. We strongly encourage businesses to stick to the guidelines and keep themselves and their customers safe. If they are unsure on what they need to do, they should call the COVID business helpline - 0800 500 362. 

"Let’s get back to business, but let’s make sure we get it right." 

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