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ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement Upgrade Consultation

New Zealand Chambers of Commerce & Industry Submission

Issue date

Kei te rangatira, tēnā koe,

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce & Industry (NZCCI) welcome the opportunity to make a submission on New Zealand businesses’ views on ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) and the upgrade of the Agreement. We hope the feedback we have received from our exporting members will help you form your overall approach to the AANZFTA upgrade.

Summary of Recommendations

  1. Widen the scope of the AANZFTA Upgrade to include addressing non-tariff barriers/non-tariff measures.
  2. We endorse New Zealand International Business Forum’s position on the following key trading issues: Services, e-Commerce, Investment, Customs Procedures, and Government Procurement.
  3. The status quo regarding certification of origin is maintained through the use of third-party certificates.
  4. AANZFTA, Chapter 3, Operational Certificate Procedures (OCP), Rule 7, Paragraph 3i be changed to read “shall be electronic”.
  5. In the event origin certification status quo is not continued, look at a two-pronged system where both self-certification and third-party certification is permitted.
  6. Should a two-pronged origin certification system be utilised, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) negotiators look at the system implemented in Japanese trade agreements.
  7. The minimum value of a shipment required for a certificate of origin be increased to US$1,000 FOB value.
  8. Exporters continue to have the option of using either the ‘Change of Tariff Classification’ (CTC) or ‘Regional Value Content’ (RVC) rules when determining origin.
  9. All domestic regulations relating to AANZFTA are required to reflect a consistent interpretation of AANZFTA provisions.

Download to read the full submission.

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