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  • Due Diligence

    This course is for anyone who has a duty of care to employees who could be affected by the work carried out in your workplace. This could be an owner, executive, board member or senior manager.
  • Health & Safety Essentials for Small Business

    This course will give you the oversight you need to ensure your business Health and Safety (H&S) systems and processes reflect a best-practice approach. .
  • Stage 1 Health & Safety Representatives

    This course introduces you to the key elements of effective worker participation and engagement. Learn the key strategies and tools you will need to be an effective representative in your workplace.
  • Stage 2 Health & Safety Representatives

    This course builds on what you have learned so far by taking your skill base to the next level. The course gets specific about risks and hazards and developing preventative actions for your workplace H&S systems.
  • Accident Reporting & Investigation

    This course will teach you how to identify areas for improvement in an accident management system, use root cause analysis and understand how this is an effective method to give you key insights into preventing their occurrence in the future.
  • Working With Other Businesses

    This course will help you understand the key components of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 and how they relate to contractor management. It covers how you manage the required duties and understand any overlaps.
Which Health and Safety Course Should You Take?

We have therefore developed a range of courses to cover different levels within an organisation and to help your business establish and maintain a sustainable and compliant H&S system.

Accident reporting and investigation deserves its own treatment, as does due diligence with organisational H&S systems. We focus specifically on health and safety essentials for small businesses, and we run three stages of training for organisational health and safety representatives, especially useful for those team members who want to be officially recognised as an H&S Representative for their company.

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