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Related to these Certificates, we also verify the authenticity of other export documentation, including commercial invoices, bills of lading, visa applications, insurance documents and MAF certificates.

NZ-China and ASEAN Australia NZ FTA Certificates of Origin

As part of The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce, we have been approved as a Certified Body, able to issue Certificates for your shipments to China or ASEAN countries wishing to take advantage of the benefits provided by the agreements. To apply for these Certificates, please go to

Electronic Certs of Origin (Standard Certificates) – Save time and money

eCert is the fastest and most cost-effective way to lodge and have your documents certified, without the need for couriers.


  1. Register
  2. Populate Data
  3. Send
  4. Authenticate
  5. Receive

Wet Stamp Certification Electronic

‘Wet-Stamped’ Certification is available for:

  • Certificates of Free Sale or Manufacture
  • Certificates of Origin and related export documents for exports to: Algeria, Bahrain*, Cuba, Ethiopia*, Guatemala*, Iraq*, Jordan*, Kuwait*, Lebanon, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey*, Yemen and UAE*.
  • Sundry documents: Been requested to have a contract, application or other documents ‘stamped’ by the Chamber? Contact us. In most cases, we will be able to assist.
  • Exports to Egypt – New procedure mandatory for sea freight from 1 October 2021

Key points:

Each Consignment will be allocated an ACID number (19 digit unique reference number for each consignment). New Zealand exporters will be required to provide importers with a Proforma Invoice to enable the ACID number to be allocated

  • All export documents, including Bill of Lading, will require the ACID Number on them
  • New Zealand exporters will upload their export documents into the Egypt Customs trade window NAFEZA via CARGO X. There is a cost for exporters per consignment
  • Documents uploaded via CARGO X do not need to be legalised by the Egyptian Embassy
  • Shipping Companies required to upload Bills of Lading with the ACID number
  • A pilot has been conducted since April 2021 with refined procedures now released. Full details on the new procedures:
  • New Zealand exporters required to register on CARGO X - look for details under ‘ACI system’ on NAFEZA website.

To read more, click here.

1 July 2021: EU new e-commerce VAT rules enter into force

The new rules simplify VAT obligations and require exporters of low value exports to register and pay VAT for sales into the EU. New Zealand exporters selling direct to consumers in the EU with goods with a value less than 150 euros should register with the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) This will enable them to meet their VAT obligations for sales into any EU country through one portal. Information and registration for IOSS.

General information about the new regulations - click here.

Certificates of Origin: Complying with new CPTPP

With the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)­­ coming into force on 30 December for six of the eleven partner countries, we thought you’d like a bit of information on the changes to Certificates of Origin that will occur. We have put together a document to help answer a number of questions you may have regarding the CPTPP.

The following PDF will cover:

  • What is the CPTPP, and what does it mean for New Zealand exporters?
  • Which countries does CPTPP involve and when does CPTPP come into effect?
  • How can I find out whether there is a preferential duty rate under CPTPP for our goods?
  • Are there any other requirements to qualify for preferential duties under CPTPP?
  • How do I show that our goods are of New Zealand Origin?
  • Is a Certificate of Origin required?
  • Does the Chamber of Commerce stamp the Certificate of Origin?
  • If there is no Certificate of Origin form, how do I format a CPTPP certification of origin?
CPTPP December 2018
127.69 KB

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team through



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Certified documents may be collected or, on request, returned by overnight courier.

* Known to regularly accept electronically certified documents without issue, so it is worth checking a wet-stamp requirement.

For all other countries, please apply online using the electronic certifying service by submitting a PDF of the Certificate of Origin and, if required, related export documents.

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