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Business Mentors

In partnership with Business Mentors New Zealand, we provide an independent business mentoring service to the small business sector for $295 +GST. We match experienced businesspeople, the Mentors, with small business owners. Mentees, the clients, aim to learn from those who have the experience and knowledge to empower them to be better, and to navigate the inevitable challenges they face in today’s competitive business environments.   

If your business employs less than 19 full-time employees, or you have a start-up business idea you want to pursue, you can register for mentoring assistance today at

If you would like more information about the programme, head to Business Mentors New Zealand’s website, Alternatively, give us a call on 04 470 9929.


We’re now at a point where sustainability has entered the mainstream. No longer the reserve of interest groups, consumers’ and businesses’ environmental impact matters – ethically, financially and from a brand perspective.

Recognising the importance of this is only just the start. While daunting, organisations who want to thrive are beginning to embrace what sustainability means for their employees, their customers, their stakeholders and their suppliers.

We help mitigate the ‘daunting’ aspect by making sustainability accessible to, and affordable for, businesses wanting to take their first steps. Join us, by considering some – or all – of the following initiatives we’ve adopted.

Trees That Count

For every new member of our organisation, we donate $10 to Trees That Count to help plant a native tree on that member’s behalf. As tree funders, we help tree planters receive free native trees that are then planted and cared for in communities across Aotearoa. The positive impacts are clear – carbon removal, a healthier community and a more beautiful environment.

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We have a stack of Reusabowls in the kitchen for our team to use when going to buy lunch. Not only does the use of these bowls prevent extra packaging waste going into landfill, but they are made using rice husk, a by-product of the rice making industry which would normally go to waste and is certified compostable. So, having reached the end of their life (after hundreds of uses!), they will be collected to be composted, while the lids (made from food-grade silicone) are sent to be recycled into headphones. Reusabowl started with a group of three Wellingtonians passionate about reducing single-use plastics, and the first product was launched at CubaDupa in Wellington last year.

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The Sustainability Trust Recycling Programmes

Plastic and metal lids don’t always make it into the recycling pile, because they are too small to be detected and often slip through the cracks. Therefore, Wellington City Council asks for these lids to be removed when preparing recycling. We support The Sustainability Trust's lid recycling programme by dropping off our plastic and metal lids. We also drop off used batteries, e-waste and bread tags.

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Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme

We support the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme to turn soft plastics into new plastic products, such as fence posts and garden edging. We separate our soft plastics from the landfill, then take them down to our local New World for recycling.

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Method bins

Method bins can be found throughout our office space to increase awareness and make powerful behavioural change, diverting waste from landfill.

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We have recently switched our electricity provider to Ecotricity, a 100% carbon zero electricity provider. This means that when we offset our carbon emissions, we don’t need to purchase extra credits for our electricity use, as Ecotricity already do this for us.

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If you're a small- to medium-sized business, we have a range of initiatives to help you get started, or progress further, on your sustainability journey.

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