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  • Aspiring to Lead – Introduction to Leadership

    Our Aspiring to Lead Programme is designed for individuals new to leadership and managerial roles. It equips new leaders with the fundamental management and leadership abilities they require to support successful teams
  • Government Procurement 101

    Turn government procurement into a strategic advantage for your business. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the processes behind New Zealand government's $51.5 billion annual spending on goods and services. 

  • Introduction to Government Procurement

    This one-hour introduction to government procurement equips you to understand how bid competitively for your share of the $51.5 billion that the New Zealand government spends annually on goods and services.

  • Lead to Inspire – Advanced Leadership

    Our Lead to Inspire Programme is designed for individuals who have more than twelve months experience leading and managing others. It extends competency in the desirable skills for effective leadership and management.
  • Fundamentals of Governance

    This excellent course provides a comprehensive foundation to understand the purpose of Governance. It focuses on the fundamentals that support anyone operating in the governance space.
  • Team Leader Toolbox: Facilitating Your Team

    This course covers how to build a team and motivate them towards achieving team goals. You will gain the necessary tools to lead, plan, delegate and manage effectively so your team works at a high-performing level.
  • Project Management for Non-Project Managers

    This course provides a practical approach to processes and tools central to the basics of project management. You’ll cover organising, managing and measuring a project to ensure greater value is delivered to all stakeholders.
  • Managing Diverse Teams

    Diverse teams are an essential component for the success of any organisation. However, establishing and managing a performing diverse workforce does not happen overnight.

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