Marketing Courses

Your marketing material is often the first impression that potential customers have of your business and your marketing strategy is a significant contributor to your sales. As a result, it is critical that you not only get this right but also find metrics which ensure your marketing spend is delivering a positive ROI.

To help your marketing team be well informed about international trends and established best practice, Business Central have partnered with The Marketing Association to offer you a range of marketing courses. From Copy-writing to digital marketing strategies, these courses are offered both online and at various locations near you.

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  • Advanced Social Media Marketing

    Dive deeper into the social platforms that everyone is familiar with to find the hidden tools to get the most out of your social media presence and learn how to integrate it into your wider marketing strategy. Covering more advanced social media tools and tactics, this course will give you a greater understanding of these platforms and the confidence to experiment with more complex social strategies, while keeping aligned with your brand’s wider marketing activities.

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  • Brand Intensive Half Day

    This is an optional extra for attendees of the Brand Strategy course. The half-day Brand Intensive workshop allows you to tap into the talents of our industry-leading brand strategist Rosina Webb to develop a plan of attack on how you can implement your brand programme within your organisation. Ask her any questions about your brand, discuss your challenges, identify your brand opportunities as well as learning from your peers. This is the session to apply all the learnings from the Building Blocks of Brand strategy course to your own organisation.

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  • Building Blocks of Brand Strategy

    Companies live and die by the value of their brand. Whether you're looking for the tools to build your brand from the ground up or you're having trouble positioning yourself in a saturated market, this course gives you the planning tools you need from an industry-leading brand strategist.

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  • Content Marketing

    Content is the current cornerstone of marketing. Nobody is going to come to you if you have nothing to draw them in. This course is designed to help you devise a content marketing strategy and implement it. Learn how to create and distribute quality content to bring in customers and measure the effectiveness of content strategies to deliver the best return on your investment.

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  • Critical Thinking for Marketers

    In this workshop Carl Davidson will draw from behavioural science and cognitive psychology to demonstrate some of the flaws in our everyday ways of thinking, and provide some tools to sharpen your critical thinking and problem solving mindset.

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  • Digital Bootcamp

    Our Bootcamp gives you a bite-sized view of different parts of the digital marketing toolkit. Designed to give you an insight into how the different parts of digital work together. Helping to create a consistent digital experience for your customers.

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  • Digital Strategy

    Digital is an increasingly important channel for any business. As a result, the need to understand digital resources, assets, tools, and channels is key. This short course will provide an in-depth view of those digital elements, and how they combine to contribute to a digital strategy.

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  • Google Analytics

    This one-day course is highly practical focusing on how to get the best out of Analytics, how to cut through the flood of information, and focus on the critical few metrics that can make a big difference to you in your role as a marketer. Join the discussion with Kim, a 13 year Google Analytics veteran, and figure out how to make the most effective use of this tool.

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  • Marketing Bootcamp

    This bootcamp will cover key marketing foundations that you can apply to a business, corporate or non for profit (or perhaps just a good idea). At the end you will come away with the development of a 90-Day Marketing Action Plan.

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  • Social Media for Marketers

    It used to be the rule that everyone needed a website, now, you need a Facebook fan page. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, these social media channels are integrated into our daily lives. As marketers, how do we make the best use of these ubiquitous channels and make sure that our brands are being seen, without feeling like we're spamming our customers. Where do you even start? How do you measure your performance? Our successful social media industry expert will show you how.

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  • The Secret Sauce of Great Copywriting

    Great copywriting is one of the most critical elements of successful marketing. Telling your story through words is one part of the equation, creating content that people care about enough to engage with is another! Join us to discover how you can craft copy that adds credibility and charisma to your brand.

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