Leadership & Management


Leadership & Management

Business Central's range of management courses reflect the current needs of leaders, from supervisors to experienced managers, who want to gain confidence and further their skills in the area of managing and leading others.

Our offering starts with the Supervisors course for those who have recently moved into a position of supervisor or team leader.

For those who want a comprehensive training in management, our two day Management course will provide you with insight into motivation, cover performance management and the tools for increased operational effectiveness. 

The Team Leader Toolbox is a great course for those who want to become an effective facilitator in building your team, running effective meetings and managing conflict.

  • 1. Aspiring to Lead Leadership Programme

    Our Aspiring to Lead Programme consists of three foundation level workshops, each containing 12 subject modules. These learning modules are designed to develop a basic level of core management and leadership skills for employees new to leading and managing others.

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  • 2. Learning to Lead Leadership Programme

    The Learning to Lead programme consists of three advanced level workshops across 12 building blocks, designed to develop competency in management and leadership skills for employees who have been leading and managing others for more than 12 months.

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  • 6. Team Leader Tool Box: Facilitating Your Team

    Know how to build a team, deal with conflicts and get your team humming at a high performance level. A happy team is a productive team. Learn about your leadership style, and how to develop and motivate individuals in your team to achieve your targets. Understand how to align your team with the organisations mission and goals.

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  • 7. Project Management for Non-project Managers

    This full-day workshop, provides a practical approach to core processes and tools central to the basics of project management. We cover setting up, managing and measuring a project to ensure greater value is delivered to all stakeholders – internally and externally”. While the course draws on current and credible theory it focuses on pragmatic tools and techniques that can be utilised immediately.

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  • 8. Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

    Bullying is a significant workplace hazard that affects employee health and business productivity. Preventing bullying is much easier than dealing with it once it occurs.

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Psychometric Assessment

To further your staff development, we offer a range of psychometric assessments including Selector Insight and Saville Consulting Assessment suite.Selector Insight is affordable and the ideal personality and ability assessment tool for roles up to and including mid-management.

For more information please follow this link Selector Online Personality Assessment Tools