GoZero - Sustainability

We’re now at a point where sustainability has entered the mainstream. No longer the reserve of interest groups, consumers’ and businesses’ environmental impact matters – ethically, financially and from a brand perspective.

Recognising the importance of this is only just the start. While daunting, organisations who want to thrive are beginning to embrace what sustainability means for their employees, their customers, their stakeholders and their suppliers.

We help mitigate the ‘daunting’ aspect by making sustainability accessible to, and affordable for, businesses wanting to take their first steps. Join us.

  • Focusing on what matters for your business

    An interactive and high-impact sustainability workshop that helps you to understand what is important to your business and how you can focus your sustainability effort. It is designed to be attended by 2 people from your organisation so you can collaborate.

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  • GoZero Sustainability Bootcamp

    We want to get you moving on your sustainability journey. If you’re a small-to medium-business, we’re offering a six-session Bootcamp to equip you with all the tools you need to GoZero.

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