Coaching & Facilitation



Here at Business Central Learning & Development we have Facilitators who provide independent facilitation services: for a variety of processes:

  • facilitating meetings
  • small group discussions
  • team processes
  • focus groups

Fees vary according to length of time required and number of people involved.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching can provide a number of benefits to your organisation:

  • Tailored approach to meet specific needs i.e. health and safety systems expertise
  • Employee development
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced leadership capabilities
  • Increases motivation

We can work 1-on-1 with individuals, or groups up to 3, to get changes in performance and behaviour that will enhance the likelihood of individuals meeting outcomes and reaching their potential.


  • 1-on-1 $150.00 plus GST per hour members and $200.00 plus GST per hour for non - members
  • Group 2- 3 $225.00 plus GST per hour members and $275.00 plus GST per hour for non - members
  • Note: Where a trainer is required to travel in order to carry out Coaching, additional charges may apply.

Professional Supervision for Managers

Professional Supervision provides opportunities for Leader-Managers to develop competencies in leadership.

This confidential service enables Leader-Managers to discuss processes, reflect on practices, solicit feedback, and explore options to improve their decision making and problem solving.


  • $220.00 plus GST per hour

For more information

To learn more about our coaching and facilitation services in Wellington and throughout the Central region, contact:

Course Coordinator Team