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About Strategic Pay

Business Central has partnered with Strategic Pay to help our members with your remuneration needs. Strategic Pay are trusted advisors in remuneration, reward and performance systems and for 30 years have partnered with organisations to help them reward their employees fairly.

How they can help

Strategic Pay can help members to scope out individual jobs or the whole organisation, providing advice on the total remuneration package for individuals as well as the organisation’s whole approach to paying their people.

Free 30-minute discussion

Strategic Pay offers a free 30-minute discussion with one of their consultants to offer guidance on how to effectively use their remuneration reports and/or explore what’s needed to develop robust remuneration processes within your organisation.

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Free Strategic Pay remuneration tools

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Incentives Sirius Tool

Pay Gap Tool

Buy and save

If a Business Central member purchases four or more data pages (information on specific roles) from Strategic Pay’s New Zealand Benchmark Report, they will further receive a complimentary HR Policies and Practices report (“P&P”) valued at $1400. 

The data pages include remuneration data and insights gathered from multiple industries and sectors, about what staff in the same sort of roles are receiving in remuneration and benefits across other organisations. This information provides valuable information and guidance for our members about how much to pay their own staff. 

The P&P report provides information on many topics such as: leave entitlements, the Living Wage, company cars and allowances, shift / on-call allowances, bonuses, pay transparency, KiwiSaver, and more. This information will give members confidence to make well informed decisions around other pay, benefits and human resource policies. 

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Bundle Pricing

With Strategic Pay’s special fixed-rate bundle pricing, the more data pages you buy, the more you save. Plus, if you provide your organisation’s remuneration information for including in Strategic Pay’s database, as a “participant” you would get an additional 50% discount. For example, non-participants can purchase 6-12 data pages for $1,480 (save up to nearly 70% on the individual data page pricing), whereas participants get the same number of data pages for just $740 (save up to 84%). Purchasing 13-19 roles costs only $1,940 (or with the participant’s 50% discount, just $970).

Bundle pricing discounts are compared to full non-participant rate of $320 per individual data page, with participant rates for individual pages at just $160 each.

These offers are valid until 31 March 2025.

Further services offered by Strategic Pay include (but are not limited to):

  • Advice on pay levels and pay structures
  • Assistance with and tools for annual salary reviews
  • Advice on Chief Executive and senior executive remuneration and reward packages
  • Consultation to design tailored remuneration systems aligned with business philosophy
  • Design of incentive schemes
  • Remuneration analysis including for pay equity, costing salary changes etc

Strategic Pay are experts in pay levels and structures, pay reviews, pay equity, reward strategy and policy as well as Chief Executive, Senior Executive pay, incentives, and directors’ fees. 

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